SimCosmetic Biotech

Intelligent Solutions for Novel Cosmetic Developments

SimCosmetic Biotech is the dermocosmetic R&D division of innoHealth Group, the company is focused on the development of novel dermocosmetic products based on natural products. Our biotechnological platforms are designed to screen and combine natural ingredients in order to generate novel IP protected dermocosmetic products with synergistic activities.


SimDerma is an in vitro multiparametric platform that includes 30 key dermocosmetic targets.

A platform that integrates data obtained by SimDerma and it is used to identify novel combinations of ingredients.

SkinSim is a bioinformatic solution that simulates functional artificial skin. It is a virtual tool to visualise the skin.

The Process

SimCosmetic Biotech has developed pioneering technological platforms in vitro and in silico. The coordinated use of such platforms pave the way to select the best combinations of natural ingredients to develop high quality cosmetic products with superior activities.