INNOHEALTH, a company which was born with the mission of providing innovative products for skin care and also technological support for the development of these, has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the international standard for Quality ISO 9001:2015 to improve the service we perform to our customers.

Our proposal includes in vitro and in silico assays, in order to generate novel combinations of products using quality ingredients for dermatological treatments and focused basically on rational development of new and more effective therapeutic solutions for dermatological diseases.

The values listed below are those which guide the Company in its daily activities:

  • Interdisciplinary know-how, required for each project we undertake.
  • Cooperation, inner and outter-house.
  • Innovation and vision, is our DNA, what we are.
  • Responsibility and ethics, because it is the appropiate way of doing things well.

INNOHEALTH‘s Board approach the Quality System as a way to organise the Company´s functioning based on key building blocks as the Quality of our products and services, our customers satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the System’s effectiveness. To do so, INNOHEALTH‘s Quality Management System is based on:

  • Quality is obtained planning, executing, verifying and improving the Management System to prevent posible errors, providing an overall framework to establish and review the Quality targets.
  • Quality is oriented to the Satisfaction of all our customers through the whole Company’s commitment to comply with their needs and requirements, so with the legal and regulatory requirements of our products.
  • Quality is based on the Continuous Improvement of the productive processes and the Quality Management System effectiveness in which preventing errors is an essential aspect.
  • Quality guides us to pay the maximum attention to the technological progress and the potential improvements that new technologies could make available.
  • Quality requires the engagement and cooperation of everyone, so this Policy is widespread to all the Company’s personnel for their knowlegde and comprehension and also to the rest of the stakeholders.
  • For the effective implementation of these principles, it is absolutely necessary their support either by the Board and by the staff.

2nd March 2018