In the SkinXCare project we propose the development of the first effective treatment of skin damages caused by radiotherapy, something that will be enabled thanks to our patented cell biology platform. Our platform will allow the rational design of a skin care formulation combining those ingredients/compounds with a proven biological activity in all cellular/molecular targets involved in radiation dermatitis (multiparametric), whose joint use is expected to work synergistically.

Although in principle, radiation skin reactions might resemble to burns they are completely different skin damages. Radiation skin reactions occur as a result of damage to the basal cell layer of the skin and the resultant imbalance between the normal production of cells in this layer and the destruction of cells at the skin surface.
Radiotherapy causes biochemical changes within cells, as the DNA molecules are susceptible to radiation damage during mitosis. Radiobiological damage affects regeneration of the skin by the process of repair, redistribution, repopulation and re-oxygenation. Damaged cells are replaced by cells moving from the resting phase into the active cycle (repopulation). Skin damage occurs when the rate of repopulation of the basal cell layer cannot match the rate of cell destruction by radiotherapy.

Skin DNA radiotherapy

InnoHealth Group has developed a pioneering cell-biology platform that combines in-silico and in-vitro analysis tools. Our patented platform includes 2 individual but interconnected tools: SimDerma and INCOS.
These novel bioinformatic tools are based on cellular proteomic/kinome data and in vitro assays for the rational design and development of new dermatological formulations. The company is working closely with Public Research Centres through collaboration agreements.
The use of our platform in the development of the first product with a real and proven efficiency in treatment of skin damages caused by radiotherapy (the SkinXCare project main objective), will be possible because we will be uniquely able to consider the entire & complex biological process triggered by radiation in dermal cells.