InnoHealth Group attends the XIV Spanish symposium on bioinformatics

InnoHealth Group, in collaboration with the University of Córdoba (UCO) and the Maimónides Biomedical Research Institute of Córdoba (IMIBIC), has presented the first results of the SkinXCare project at the XIV spanish symposium on bioinformatics.

The SkinXCare project aim is the discovering of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the development of an effective treatment for radiodermatitis. For this, the response of human fibroblasts to radiation is evaluated at three biological levels: Transcriptomics, proteomics and phosphoproteomics. Given the size of the datasets, and the prevalence of radiodermatitis in cancer patients, it is important to apply leading edge bioinformatic analyses to extract the most reliable functional information from the generated data. In this context, the Spanish symposium on bioinformatics has represented a great opportunity to get in touch with the state of the art on the bioinformatics field.

In a near future, and by applying different bioinformatic analysis techniques, we hope to start the development of our product for radiodermatitis treatment as a result of the SkinXCare project!