Dendrimers to improve the Epidermal Barrier


SimCosmetic Biotech has acquired a patent to Ambiox Biotech for the use of the dendrimers technology in dermocosmetics. With this acquisition SimCosmetic has launched DenDerma, a new business line for the company.

The joint use of DenDerma and our platforms in vitro and in silico will allow to identify the interaction of the patented dendrimers with the skin for different applications.

Dendrimers are nanoparticles characterized by a three-dimensional, hyperbranched multivalent nanostructure with low poly­dispersity. Interestingly, dendrimers can be engineered by manipulating their structures or the composition and number of their surface functional groups to lead out different cosmetic applications. Our patented dendrimers have the ability to maintain the integrity of the epidermal barrier, to prevent the penetration of microbial and macromolecules through skin and mucous membranes.

In addition, we are investigating the effects of dendrimers as delivery system on the performance of bioactive dermocosmetic ingredients. Thus, our dendrimers can be used to enhance the properties of bioactive dermocosmetic ingredients by carrying them to their targets into the corresponding skin layer.

Benefit of Denderma Platform

  • Protecting the integrity of the epidermal barrier
  • Improving efficacy of cosmetic ingredients
  • Targeting cosmetics to different skin layers and molecular receptors
  • Increasing solubility of cosmetic ingredients