Collaboration Agreement with Alkion-BioCosmetic

Alkion Biocosmetic is a part of Alkion Biopharma which is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the identification, validation, manufacture and commercialization of new cancer treatments, especially for unmet medical needs such as the management of multidrug resistant (MDR) cancers. Alkion´s technology allows the efficient production of natural, pharmacologically active compounds, which are only found in rare, endemic or acutely endangered plant especies.

AlkionIn the cosmetic field, Alkion Biocosmetic is offering several types of tailor-maded biotechnological active ingredients to be included in their products and derived from AlkaBurstTM, such as Plant Stem Cells, roots and leafy biomass extracts.

SimCosmetic Biotech enters into collaboration with Alkion in order to develop new cosmetic active ingredients based on Alkion Technology, which is based on producing natural extracts and/or metabolites from plant cells from selected species.

SimCosmetic thanks to its platforms can screen all the species from Alkion in SimDerma®, which includes 30 molecular and cellular targets. SimDerma® will define the species activities through the experiments and INCOS with its algorithm could find synergistic activities between them.

From SimCosmetic we received this collaborative alliance like a new step towards our own knowledge and expertise development to achieve our aim in the natural cosmetic market. Alkion Biocosmetics strongly believe that this collaboration will promote the development of sustainable and biotechnological active ingredients with well-defined activities allowing specific claims to be easily supported by the final client.